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' A Taiwanese floating shape '

She makes serendipity,

she tells stories,

she shares her thoughts and visions;

through dancing, through art, through images, through literature, through design.

Jan Farn

        Chi            季展帆

by House of Fortitude

October, 2 0 1 9

London, United Kingdom

by Jazz Glenn

garments and makeup by Christos Gkenoudis

2 0 1 9

Nottingham, United Kingdom

The series features me in a performance with trees.

James discovered a small wood, and loved it immediately for it's beautiful black and white rows of birch trees; uniform yet full of glorious subtle variations. James wanted to reflect these shapes with a figure. So we went to the woods and created tree parallels.

'Parallel Arboreal' by James Grigg

October, 2 0 1 9

Lincoln, United Kingdom