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' A Taiwanese floating shape '

She makes serendipity,

she tells stories,

she shares her thoughts and visions;

through dancing, through art, through images, through literature, through design.

Jan Farn

        Chi            季展帆

[ Stillness Tray Table ]

for Anna Thorunn

2 0 1 8


Icelandic designer Anna Thorunn exploits the "natural shape" of the circle in the set of rounded tray tables and candle holders. The circle is such a natural shape to us that, when we see them, we are able to take them in effortlessly," Anna Thorunn said.

[ Feed Me Reversible Bowl ]

for Anna Thorunn

2 0 1 8


The idea of the Feed Me bowl comes from a news story about a raven couple that built a nest for its young in Reykjavík. The images of the young with their beaks wide open collided with another image – the paper beak and an object that could function as a bowl but also as a symbol for feeding and caring. The bowl is functional on both sides.

[ 人擇說 ]


2 0 1 1

Fu Shin Art School, Taipei, Taiwan

Jan Farn accomplished this animation project when studying at Fu Shin Art School with a team supported developing the concept, character designs, illustration, and other setting designs.

© 2020 Chi Jan Farn

© 2019 Chi Jan Farn

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