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[ __ ]

24 October 2 0 2 0

[__] Jan Farn

     我從未有意  將此重藍 


可我生來 思緒,


                                    生長  蔓延 ...

   I never intend to let the heavy blue surround,



    it seems,

my tenor,

              had been the innate vegetation for the colour

as I was brought to here;




Solo Show



Chill pill 一日市集,邸家 Idea Deja

新竹 Hsinchu

Self-portrait [The Unbearable Noise In Silence] #3



 __ 28 十月 2020 半夜背痛睡不著的展帆

That heavy blue' was a period of this year, while I was heavily encountering the noise, the uproar, the sort of uncomfortable coming, and the invasion. I stepped into the muddy slough then hardly could secede.

Let the self heavily load the dirtiness and anxiety. The silliness and naivety were taken away while I washed hard after finally left. Layers and layers of skins emerging for self-protection beside saving my words beside melancholy and agitation.

Two three weeks before the performance, I started to practice walking with arching my back one two or three hours every day; to experience again that tension. The back now still aching after few resting days, as the weight will be remembered forever in my memory.

__ Jan Farn with aching back cannot sleep

at midnight 28 October 2020

[The Unbearable Silent Noise]

[ __ ] 我不知道如何說出這件作品的名稱如稱那段時間的我的無聲釋放



[The Unbearable Silent Noise]

Self-portrait [The Unbearable Noise In Silence] #2


[ __ ] I didn't know how to call this creation as my unspeakable expression in those three months. It was a space, the room I stayed in those three months. It was filled by the heavy blue, the colour my mood flourishing with, the colour touched my sensation vibrating.

[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn

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空間設計 Setting and Artworks _

影片、聲音剪輯 Video and Sound Editor _

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陳品儒 Chen Pin Ru

Nocturne for Insomniacs / 羅芳偉 Lou Fang Wei 

Daydream / Steven Nova

季展帆 Chi Jan Farn

季展帆 Chi Jan Farn

季展帆 Chi Jan Farn

許景舜JS   王宥澄   何書伶

童童   陳碩甫Jimmy   吳靜慧   許景舜JS   

吉歐Gio   何書伶   王宥澄   莊效文

[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn
[__] Jan Farn



我只是  想就這樣坦蕩的讓你好像碰觸到一點我的肌膚.

I didn't think of dancing or performing.

I didn't think of exhibiting my self-portraits or my body.

I just,   thought of let you seemly feel my skin frankly .

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