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Size/      L/  300mm         W/ 300mm         H/ 122mm (table top), 1280mm (total)

Material/      12mm Corian,     Steel

Read furniture Jan Farn Chi Design

‘Read’ is a small piece of furniture presenting Jan Farn‘s simple ritual of

‘sitting on the floor and reading’, which is an everyday activity that always eases her mind

and brings joy to the present time. 








                          ‘It is too small for using your laptop;

                           it is too low for eating;


                           you can have a cup of tea




                                                               Jan Farn says.











In recent years, the term ‘wellbeing’ has become a central issue appearing in many different sectors such as schools, industry, commercial businesses and family, who are now coming to terms with a growing concern about public mental health.


Jan Farn started by investigating the impact of the acceleration of modern life on human wellbeing. The results brought to light that people living in this century have an unfamiliarity with the concept of ‘alone space’. This means one completely disconnects from the outer noise of the body and surroundings, listening to the inner voice, and sharing the moment with the self. However, through her research Jan Farn found that modern citizens are not as comfortable with alone space as people living in earlier ages. This situation now creates fear, and aloneness is now interpreted as loneliness to people living in modern society.


Jan Farn wants to help audiences experience a mindful moment by slowing down the mind through her design, and introduce mindfulness and alone space to modern people.


The weird proportions of Read limit the activities which the users can bring to this furniture. 

The colour white presents the furniture as pure and honest, doing no more than intended.

The designer wants the user to enjoy the activity of reading, instead of paying attention to a beautiful design. This pale colour is also a metaphor for the fading of reading as an activity in

the hustle and rush of modern life; however, it is such a simple and easy thing to do to enhance our minds and promote a healthy mind.

© 2021 Chi Jan Farn

© 2019 Chi Jan Farn

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